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About OWPI

The Office on Women’s Policy and Initiatives (OWPI) is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all women and their families within the District of Columbia. OWPI, working in conjunction with the DC Commission for Women, is in a unique position to serve as a liaison between the public and private sectors and the Executive Office of the Mayor. The office tracks local women’s issues, concerns and proposals and presents these ideas to the Mayor and officials in the Bowser Administration.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To support and advocate women’s issues through research and community involvement;
  • To establish public and private partnerships to address women’s issues in Washington, DC;
  • To promote, encourage, and provide advisory assistance to women’s organizations and institutions focused on empowering women in the Washington, DC;
  • To conduct studies and hold public hearings on issues affecting women in conjunction with the DC Commission for Women;
  • To promote access and bring awareness to issues facing women in Washington, DC;
  • To provide leadership by taking action to impact legislation that will protect and support women.

These will be accomplished by:

  • The implementation, review, and analysis of studies impacting the lives of women;
  • Attention to and analysis of various communication from women, on topics such as domestic violence, pay, business and employment opportunities, personal safety, health and wellness, and many more;
  • Review of existing laws and regulations to ensure they benefit the welfare of women and girls;
  • Collection and dissemination of information regarding the status of women;
  • Creation of an online directory of resources and services for women and girls;
  • Networking and collaborating with women, women’s organizations, women in business and women community leaders to assess and improve the quality of life for women and girls in Washington, DC.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call (202) 724-7690.